compact size (travel purpose)

Flat wooden gourd made of choicest and well- seasoned tun wood with rich tonal quality, easy handling in traveling and playing because of its small size and lightweight, fully decorated with fine pen engraving, with male and female compatible with Fiberglass case.

The sound of Tanpura is not only accompanied with Indian classical or western instruments but also used for healing and meditation.

Tanpura is the compact and best size for traveling and also for learning ,which makes it easy to hold , light weight and still give the same feel as the big size Tanpura . 

There are 4 strings containing metal and copper. Traditional tuning is 
1 string as  'pa' (Sol)
2 string and 3 string as 'sa' (do)
4 string as low sa (do)

We have collaborated with the local artist from Banaras, who has been making these instruments since 4 generations . We target the best quality product and no compromise with the instrument to deliver the pure sound and the feel to our clients and students. 

Over all length is 41 
Scale length 28.5
Material: wood tun
Weight: 700 gm to 1100 gm
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