Shruti Box

Teak Wood Deep Drone Sound Traditional Indian Classical Shruti Box

Specially crafted by the ancient generation of local craftmanship.
Amazing sound and the best quality you can get.
Available in two colors dark red and musk brown.

• 13 chromatic semitones from: C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C'; which can be opened separately and thus can be combined in whatever way you like.
• The Shrutibox models offered by us are tuned in India to the western standard A 440 Hertz.
In our climatic conditions, the tuning is at a minimum higher 441 - max. 442 Hertz
• Product: H 32 cm - W 46 cm - D 8/9cm
• High-Quality Deep Bass Reeds. Long Sustain, checked for leaks
• Nylon padded carry bag is provided to keep this product safe with handle.

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