Full moon singing bowls Chakra set

Full moon singing bowls, antique collection
7 chakras set, 3 octave, big and medium bowls
7 chakras set, 4 octave, medium and small bowls

These singing bowls are made on the full moon only and have unique healing properties.

Approximate sizes of big and medium bowls
Frequency C3
Frequency D3
Frequency E3
Frequency F3
Frequency G3
Frequency A3
Frequency B3
Sizes from 23 till 14 cm

Approximate sizes of medium and small bowls
Frequency C4
Frequency D4
Frequency E4
Frequency F4
Frequency G4
Frequency A4
Frequency B4
Sizes from 15 till 11 cm

Note: The size and appearance of bowls in the set might be slightly different because all the bowls are handmade.

This set includes all necessary mallets.
The price includes delivery.

The appearance of the instruments can have slight differences from the pictures because this is a handmade work.
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