Lesson 10
Tuning fork therapy is based on the concept of vibrations in the universe. Waves occur around and inside you. Your body has rhythm and harmony. If it experiences waves that create rhythm and harmony, sound healing occurs. The body, therefore, tends to resonate with the sounds it hears. As the vibrations from sound travel through your body, they remove blockages that hinder the flow of your energy.
The spine sings a song, but sometimes it sings out of tune. When the spine sings well, it moves effortlessly and harmoniously, with all parts of the body working as an integral unit. When the spine is out of tune, movement becomes stiff, uncomfortable, and, too often, painful. A new kind of vibrational therapy, bone toning, makes it possible to restore the natural resonant harmonics of the spine. In other words, it helps to re-tune the spine.

Like muscles, bones can lose their tone. Factors such as insufficient use, trauma from overuse or accidents, poor nutrition, stress, and disease can result in bone degeneration and loss of tone. Lack of gravity also causes a loss of bone tone.

Resonance is an amazing phenomenon that occurs throughout all of nature—from the smallest subatomic particles to huge galaxies at the edge of the observable universe. Anything that vibrates has a natural resonant frequency and will spontaneously begin to vibrate in response to external vibrations that share the same or a similar resonant frequency. This sympathetic vibration is called resonance, which literally means to re-sound, to echo.
Tuning fork therapy brings spine back to its healthy vibrational state and promotes self-healing
The presence of a disease in your body indicates that your body is out of tune. Everything is out of rhythm, and therefore, harmony cannot exist. Tuning fork therapy brings spine back to its healthy vibrational state and promotes self-healing. When you attend a tuning fork therapy session on spine, your guide will strike a tuning fork near any part of the spine that needs healing. The tuning fork will produce vibrations that your spine will align to. Since the waves will be in line with your body’s natural frequencies, they will travel deep along energy paths to bring healing.

Using different tuning forks produces different vibrations. Once you explain your problem, your guide can use the right tuning fork to create the right waves that will guide spine into healing. The process is easy and non-invasive, yet with several benefits
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