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How to be present in difficult times

Wakeup call 2020

Well, the place where we live now in this modern era has affected us strongly of our lifestyle, our habits, necessities have altered our lifestyle. Desires towards consumption have made us slaves of the material products. This has arisen a major defect in the health system of humans. Not just humans but every species and nature out there have been affected. We have lost the understandings of being healthy and disease-free. All the sickness or illness is coming out lack of understanding that how to live.

In ancient times, this understanding was incorporated in the lifestyle of every community and civilizations so there was no major sickness or illness. Well, the fact that everyone will die eventually that’s the part of the creation to make it moving but the question here arises how we are dying.
What are we giving back to nature when we leave this space?
What are we giving back to nature when we leave this space? We have lost the connection of being intelligent enough to see this place as harmony with everything around us. We tend to run more towards an easier than simple, where the expenditure of physical movements becomes and things still can be done.

We will only receive the fruits of own actions from the past. We can't blame anyone for this then us and what can change the future actions is our current actions what we are doing and if this time we are not able to learn and be aware of our actions it will only get worse. I will mention some of the factors which we are responsible for this situation which we are in now:

Advertising and Social media

At present we are governed by them every action or step we take is directly influenced by these power full people. They are controlling our minds and needs and making us into a state of delusion to not know what is truly true to mankind. From the smallest activity, we do right from the morning is been functioned by them subconsciously through them.

The sources of information, include media and advertising, have a direct relation of feeding the brain with consumption stimulations. These effects a lot of middle-class people in the world where a huge number of population is seen. They are the easiest target to be controlled because they are striving from the thought that life is beautiful when they have everything. But they also don’t know the other side of it when they have it all. Driving emotionally to these aims of life makes them blind and deaf to hear and listen to what is the truth.
One more factor: we have given social medias the authority by allowing them to control our minds, needs and necessities. This makes us also blind in seeing things clearly, and we are driven by the number of friends we have or if the pictures are liked and what we are posting during daily activities.

The dark side of this is that you are showing your personality to the world and people who are recording this information will use it against you to manipulate your mind.
It’s like a virus transmitted inside us, we cannot sleep deeply because we are waiting to get the highest number of likes. And this virus keeps on growing more and more without even our realization that it takes us away from our self.
The reality of the world has become that show, we all alter the truth by showing what people need to see, to get more appreciation and we hide our self, what we truly are. This can also take up a form of mental illness, suck us into the whirlpool of the social world, and take away from the reality. The whole point of this was to bring the world closer and we didn’t realize that if it can bring it closer, it can also make us separated and away. What we have to learn to maintain truly about what we are and be mindful and aware to use the platform for the betterment of the conscious. The amount of time plays also an important role in our health. If we consider any activity which does affect our health and time period we are governed by it then we will see that it does more and more ruin our health.
There is huge data collection happening through these platforms, which are sold to advertising companies to affect our mind and lifestyle by studying your personality. This data is been used in many sectors like politics, industries, medicine, entrainment, etc. They also tend to get richer and richer when you scroll and click more. This also brings the imbalance in the economy by every time you look something a part of you, goes to them.

We are forgetting our self. The first thing is to wake up, the second to look at our phone. We have lost the connection with our self and our self has become somewhat we fancy for others. They influence us by sending us various advertisings and news and feeds to change our mind, to make us what they want us to be and we have to aware of this because it is important to know. We have to know how to manage ourselves in these platforms and be more aware and careful so that it doesn’t take us away from us. We have to stop them from taking our esteem away and only all of us can do this.

Drugs and medicine

Anti-biotics and other forms of drugs are affecting strongly our immune system and making us weaker and less tolerance to the disease. It affects our nervous system and makes us weaker. They interact with immune cells and make them weak and also effects the metabolism of the person whenever you take a pill of headache, stomach pain, or any anti-bacteria pill effects on the immune cells. If the number of times taking these pills will increase after a certain point the cell will have no immunity.

Now, this is what pharmaceutical industries want. They want us to be dependent on these medicines so that they constantly in profit. To increase the demand, they just have to keep feeding a greater number of people with these chemicals to make them no immune and they depend on their food, which is medicine. The greater number of medicine culture is the heartbeat of the pharma companies and industries to gain more financial incentives to carry out more procedures. The prescription of drugs does more harm than good, especially for elderly people.
The dark age of medicine is where the medicines will no longer have any effect on the illness because consuming more anti-biotics the bacteria will learn to survive and resist them. So no more antibiotics will also have a role to play. This is a major concern of the scientist.

Drug pollution has increased vastly and the most affected in the world is water, rivers, lakes, sea, oceans and others. Chemicals of these medicines are found in sewage treatment plants but there is no solution for it. Drug waste is a major problem and we are not concerned or questioning the giant companies who are constantly ruining our planet and our lifestyle.

Machine VS man (industrialization)

This robotic era where people don’t want to move much. They have less immune and less growth of the conscious. There is no doubt that we are moving forward in technology and matter to make a better living. However, we need to question, what is better living? Is it where one sits on the chair and orders food and materials at ease and it’s there on the table within few seconds or is it worth looking into it and finally get up from the chair and make your food and produce your materials?
This will automatically cut down the consumption and the value of the food and products will be enhanced significantly.
Yes, that is true. Many big industries and big powerful people don’t want that to happen because if this therapy comes in the picture they will have to be shut down because we will become intelligent enough to know what is needed and decrease the stress level in the world so this sickness will not flourish and they will have no control on us. We would stop buying and using their commodities and they will have no point to survive. these big shorts are already aware of that and that’s why they keep bringing new products and services to make people compete with each other and this will never satisfy or be content of what they have.

Power of civil forces

Who knows whether they are here for our betterment of society or to become more powerful and control us? We trust them by giving our vote that they will protect us and grow us inside and outside but they actually don’t care and simply fill their never-ending selfish motives. We cannot even look deeper into that because there is no authorization for common people. Many cases of whistle-blowers have seen where they have come out and spoken about the truth related to government, military, administration officials and more. We cannot sit blindly we have to find new sources where everything and policies are clear to common people.

This problem is more seen in the countries, which are developing now, where a lot of corruption and unethical actions are observed. We give them power and they misuse it against us. How can we get out of this system, which controls us, takes our freedom away, and judges and discriminates and dives us all?

Morden lifestyle

This kind of lifestyle has made us weaker and less immune, unhealthy and prone to disease. The life what we have developed increases the stress, tension worries, disturbances, frustration, low self-esteem, intolerance and much more effects directly on our body and mind and to counter the effect of it we have been taking several medicines and get depended on It and makes us bounded towards it. Right from the birth we haven told what to do and how to live our life rather than seeking it correctly on true knowledge and starts living in the delusion what our society is projecting on us and affects our lifestyle.

To live this fast life we haven changing our food and our social habits, which strongly affect our system. Food plays an important role in what we eat. We become like that our mind and thoughts are strongly affected by the development of the conscious. We have adopted to fast foods, canned foods, adulteration in food, and irregularity of eating.
Our lifestyle has made the environment sick which counters back to us by making us also unhealthy. We have forgotten to give back to mother nature and only know just to take. To become safe from the mosquitoes we start using repellents, etc but we don’t think about the effect of the poisonous chemicals in the air which we breathe. We have to develop awareness and mindfulness of our actions. Living in the trap of society with cars, air-conditions, fancy beds, watches, money, status, income, had made us prone to disease.

We don’t want to move much and we have become lazy slaves of this lifestyle. We have forgotten how to move and we tent to go to gyms and other forms of exercise to remain healthy but healthy, not only physically, also mentally and emotionally. If we are engaged in our daily house activities or even our hobbies or something specific skill we love to do, it will not create this problem of not moving, being lazy and developing the disease. Activities like cleaning, washing, crafting, farming, gardening, cooking, constructing, etc, will keep us in a natural state of health and makes us more immune to the disease.
To much of ease brings dis-ease.
Our desires and visions have destroyed nature and will also destroy our self later if we don’t wake up. Everything we have made it polluted, from the air, water, earth, sound, etc. We tend to seek shortcuts in our life for everything. This love for getting at ease has completely ruined us and we are facing its consequences and if we don’t realize now, I don’t know what will happen to mankind.

This is not a lifestyle, it is a disease and medicine will not help, it will only create dependency and the cycle will keep going and one day everything will crash. We have to start emplacing on health rather than comfort. This could only help by becoming more aware of actions and how it will lead to good health, not for us but everyone around us. We have to stop being selfish and developed empathy for everybody. your action doesn’t not only affect you but it also affects others around you. Contemplate and ponder on it to make it right.


Where it all leads is the education department. We have not been given the right knowledge. The knowledge that we learn or study is simply by mugging up or to get a degree or certificate. Achieving that purpose by hook or crook has made us less aware and ignorant about it which further brings the illness in us not knowing who am I and what is the purpose of being here. In education, no one is teaching us that we have been already told from a young age that you will be a doctor or engineer or teacher, etc. But the real question of life has not been pondered or taught.

Education has become also material. How to become that or achieve this. The major cause of this what we facing now we have not been right educated about all this malfunction and conspiracies going on in the world and gets stuck in the loop of the material world. Thinking out of the box is the necessity now we have to find answers about the other side of the moon, we believe in what we see, and that becomes our truth but reality.
What we perceive is simply an illusion.
Lack of practical knowledge is also the cause of seeing things clearly, we believe what is written is right. Simply accepting it and mugging it up and passing based on theoretical memory will not lead us anywhere unless we have some practical aspect of it. Our books became simply mug up books, simply drink it and piss it on. The true education system has the power to change and create a better living lifestyle with consideration of the environment.

Happiness comes when we have nothing but all (minimalism)

Covered through the layers of consuming more and more will make us happier is not true. This mindset of people has been outsourced by powerful people regarding keep them unhappy and always looking for new. It’s difficult to change also once you have acquired so much you can’t let go. One of the biggest challenges for humans is facing to let go of things and even emotions and feelings. We have reached a state where it is difficult to live a basic and simple life because everyone is thriving for more and more. We value our standards of living by the materialistic things we own living in the illusion that things will make us happy.

But it’s not true the number of things increases in your life the number of things you have to keep in the track which makes your mind occupied and less free to just be. The process of getting into this stage where we are simply accumulating too much arises the darkness in the conscious. It’s like a black hole where it gets difficult to come out until you reach the limit. The limit will only come when you’re conscious enough to acknowledge how it has impacted your health. There are stories of wealthier people and how stuck in that life and are not happy. Money and things are not happiness. Happiness comes when we have nothing but all. We are not able to love what is not ours or belong to us.
We have become so selfish that we only care about ourselves and things but not of nature and not even see how it can affect others around us.
Yes, things do indeed make us happier but this happiness is relative and limited not permanent. We tend to be happy because we have a car, house, gadget, etc this doesn’t last long until the new model comes and then again, we become the slave of achieving that. Well, I’m not saying that we don’t need those things but all I’m saying how much we need when we are truly satisfied. We should think over and see what is important and necessary in our lives to live with true happiness being free from the slavery of the materialist world.

Back to the roots
(alternative therapies)

Alternative therapies are going everywhere in the world to reduce the effect of capitalism, maximalism, growing the conscious spiritually, having better health, transcending the dependency on the mind, coming out of the ignorance and spreading the light for mankind.

If we go back in time, we would not find this problem and our lifestyles were healthier and more conscious which supported nature. The communities, which were living, had particularly the vision of being in harmony with nature and all their action was taken into consideration and asking permission from nature. This action of living helped mankind to support the environment and grow their consciousness inside.

This problem is arising due to not knowing the balance between both worlds the inner and the outer. Once we figured out the relation between has to be in harmony we can survive at any time. Let us all go back to the roots where we live in harmony with each other, respect and love the mother nature, where we become less selfish and start taking care of each other. I hope this article will help us to seek more into these areas and it’s only a beginning.

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