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After many years of practicing yoga and sound therapy Himalayan academy of sound collected audio and vidio files from sound sessions. Nowadays we want to share our knowledge with anyone who needs this. If you follow links below you can find our YouTube channel and sound cloud account with more videos and recordings.


Start to meditate at least 10 minutes a day and your life will change.
Our tutorials will help you.
More meditation videos you can find on our YouTube channel

Mantra chanting

Mantra is a Sanskrit word for sound medicine or tool. Ancient civilizations were using mantras for invoking the energy within the self and consciousness.
More mantra chanting videos you can find on our YouTube channel

Asana practice

Find in your daily lifetime just for yourself. Being true and honest in your practice you can achieve mindfulness and calmness.
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Sound healing session Rishikesh, India

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How this recording
can help you?

Music therapy can reduce stress and promote relaxation. It's been shown to be more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety levels before surgery. A study published in 2017 found that a 30-minute music therapy session combined with traditional care after spinal surgery reduced pain. Music therapy is administered by a credentialed provider who assesses the individual's needs. Treatment involves creating, listening, singing, or moving to music. It's used for physical rehab, pain management, and brain injuries.

Sacred journey

Himalayan singing bowls, didgeridoo, kalimba, binary sounds, hammered dulcimer, drums, bells and gongs.
More mantra chanting videos you can find on our YouTube channel
If you are in pain, let's say you have a headache, a sound can be played to you that will interfere with your brain waves to cancel out the ones that say you are in pain.

Or, if it is your mood… perhaps you are grumpy, playing a relaxing song might lift your spirits and make you forget that you are aggravated.

Sounds and songs also create memories in us, and this can be used to help patients who are traumatized or depressed.


Articles written by our founder based on Vedic literature and our researches will help you to deepen your knowledge and practice