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Believing in understanding of true self through YOGA, ART, and MUSIC.


Himalayan academy of sound healing (HASH) is an institute that brings together alternative and natural way of therapies to provide education and awareness to heal ourselves and others.
The school is focused on spreading knowledge of sound medicine via various sources. It can be used as a medicine to overcome the troubling effects of the modern lifestyle.
Sound has always been the key element in developing the self in a true way. Our true nature is nothing but pure vibrations. We do the healing to reach our absolute true nature.
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Yogi Bhanu
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"Well, I could never imagine myself surrounded by so many vibrations and waves reflecting on the inner core, questions of the reality seeking answers from every drop of frequency.
Still, I never imagined. As it comes as it goes too.
Thank everyone for being on this journey."
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My journey in sound healing started during my Yoga study in India. I was seeking for some courses on singing bowls therapy and wasn't expecting much. Once I found Bhanu and his academy I was so impressed by how many practices you can do with instruments.

The history of healing people with sound goes back to Vedic times and learning the whole philosophy of sound healing I felt that I belong to this beautiful world of sounds and sacred practices. Sound healing made me a better listener, helped to develop compassion, empathy, and intuition.

After doing my course in the academy I joined Bhanu during his weekly sound bath sessions every week for 6 months and now I'm happy to say that I'm a part of the academy. I will share here my knowledge with you.

What is Sound therapy?

Sound Therapy uses frequencies of different sound-emitting instruments to calm your nerves and maintain the health and harmony of the body. Healing sounds cure diseases as well as increases the rate of healing of the patients already taking conventional medical treatment. Healing sounds can also be heard while doing any routine task like driving, cooking, relaxing, or working in your workplace. It takes merely a few minutes of your time to heal you with ease.