Sound healing journey
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Sound healing journey
Welcome to our sound healing journey!

Just 10 minutes of meditation practice every day can change your life. Here we collected different methods and sound healing recordings, so you can find practice according to your needs today. It's a very simple platform, where we will guide you, motivate and support you to do your practice every day.

Hari OM
How to reach harmony in this life?
Meditation is a key to happiness
How to find the right Guru?
Who will always support and motivate
Will teach various practices
Who will be an endless source of wisdom
We created for you a special guideline
in the world of meditation
How it works?
You get a lifetime membership in our online platform and we take care about your practice
One month trial
If you want to test our platform one month trial will be perfect for you. You will get access to all meditations and sound healing recordings.
Life long meditation membership
Who is Acharya?
Acharya is a spiritual teacher or instructor. Somebody, who is followed by others.


  • Yogi Bhanu
    Founder & Teacher
    Authentic yoga knowledge, signifying the essence of ancient Vedic lifestyle into modern lifestyle. 
    My aim is to present the fruits of my research from experiential practices plant mutually for betterment of life where body, mind and soul harmonizes and nourishes. I'm believing in oneness and equanimity is the core practice and teaching .
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