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Music therapy can calm anxiety, ease pain, and provide a pleasant diversion during chemotherapy or a hospital stay.
Harvard medical school

Why should you study sound therapy?

Mental health
In neurological studies, it has been proven that listening to music makes us more productive and creative; it can relieve stress and, depending on the sort of music, can improve our moods.
Help yourself and others

Up to 33.7% of the population are affected by an anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Nowadays anxiety disorders are highly treatable, but only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment. With these practices you can treat yourself and other people.

Combine it with other practices
Sound therapy goes together with meditation, yoga, chakra and aura cleansing. You can add and mix this practices together for better effect.
  • Singing bowls therapy course, level 1
    Chakra healing, stress management, sound bath and many more
  • Singing bowls therapy course, level 2
    Learn unique technique - massage with singing bowls
  • Himalayan mystic sound healing, level 3
    Learn unique instruments 
  • Tuning Fork therapy course
    Chakra balancing, marma therapy and reflexology
  • NADA Yoga Asana Chikitsa
    Immersion into sacred practices of sound
  • Workshops, short techniques
    Singing bowls therapy, from 25$

Sound healing workshops

Here you can learn a technique which is easy to use for yourself or to help others, you don't need special knowledge to start this practice today.
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Yogi Bhanu
Founder of Himalayan academy of sound healing
"Sound is an ancient medical practice to awaken the self-consciousness."

Around 10 years ago my journey started in ashram, where I was studying yogic science, Indian philosophies, and other scriptures. After completing 3 year program I went for further studies for masters in yogic therapy. Maybe in that time my desire to help people through spiritual yogic practices started to form. Later I studied in the Sivananda ashram.
After coming back to the civilization I started to look for harmony between remaining spiritual and the thinking of the society. This is how my research on sound therapy was created. And I'm happy to share it.
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