Sound therapy, level 2

Online course on Himalayan singing bowls therapy

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Level 2 of our course is based on the practice of Himalayan singing bowls massage. This is an advanced practice, for sound healers who are already familiar with singing bowls therapy. The course is focused on the therapeutic effects of vibrations on the body and mind. Our whole body is nothing but numerous vibrations which creates a flow of energy in our physical and mental bodies.

Unique method
Singing bowls massage is a method developed based on authentic practices and modern science. It will allow you to use this practice both ways: for spiritual and therapeutical purposes.

Start practicing right after the course

We share complete knowledge and stay in contact with you during the whole course to clear your doubts. You will have lifelong access to the course.

Develop you personal skills
Working with singing bowls you will develop more sensitivity towards subtle matters, like energies, prana, chakras, aura, you will have more understanding about positive and negative vibrations. Your meditation practice (or any other spiritual practice) will progress while mastering sound therapy.
Singing bowls massage
During this practice, bowls are placed on different parts of your body while being chimed in stabilize create varying, sounds and vibrations so that vital energy can flow freely. Long, flowing massage movements and pressure complement the vibration to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation.
  • Who can join the course?
    You have to complete level 1 on Himalayan singing bowls therapy or if you are already experienced in sound healing you can join right from level 2.
  • Knowledge required
    • knowledge about chakras
    • how to strike and rim singing bowls
    • harmony, notes and frequencies
    • frequencies and notes of the bowls
    • relation of chakras and notes of singing bowls
  • Do I need singing bowls for this course?
    You need singing bowls to practice, but we advise our students to start without singing bowls, so they can decide what frequencies they need. Also, we give a discount for students
  • What is the structure of this course?
    The course includes 6 lessons, each has a video, text, and infographic. You will get lifelong access to these materials.
What will you learn?
  • Whole-body massage, front part.
  • Massage for the head region.
  • Whole-body massage, front part, and spine.
  • Massage for chest region.
  • Massage for stomach region.
You will get the certificate after completing all lessons and completing the final assignment to check your knowledge.
To complete the course and get the certification, we will ask you to record and to us send a 3-5 minutes video showing one of the techniques you learned in this course.
Sound healing course, level 2, Himalayan singing bowls therapy
How to join
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Yogi Bhanu
Founder & Teacher
As a teacher, I help my students to rediscover their true self through sound healing practices taken from authentic traditional teachings.

Nowadays Sound Healing Sessions has increased not only in India but all over the world. People are becoming more and more aware of Sound and alternative therapies. Yoga Teachers, Therapists, Musicians, and Artists are drawn to learn more about Signing Bowls, Sound and the undeniable effects specific tones/vibrations have on the mind and body.
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