Level 3

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This course will guide you to know the sound culture and rituals of Hinduism and Buddhism.

You can learn about various instruments used in conducting ceremonies and rituals and also how to conduct sound bath journeys and therapeutic sessions.

Learn unique practices
You will learn how to play and conduct various sessions, such as chakra balancing with mantras, breathwork sessions with the integration of sound healing, yoga Nidra and sound therapy, gong bath, and usage of cymbals, and conch.
Get new skills

Become a certified mystic sound healer.

The past two levels were very specific but in this level, you will grow as a healer and practitioner. You will be able to combine new approaches, techniques, and instruments.
Improve yourself
This practice will improve your connection with the instruments. After completion of the course, you will be enough skilled to conduct advanced sessions and feel more confident in yourself, and believe in yourself.

Explore traditional instruments

This course will teach you how to play gongs, cymbals, bells, conch and even singing bowls.
  • Who can join the course?
    You have to complete level 1 and level 2 on Himalayan singing bowls therapy or if you are already experienced in sound healing you can join right from level 3.
  • Knowledge required
    1. Understand of frequencies and notes 
    2. Techniques to play and use singing bowls
    3. Basic knowledge about sound healing and therapy
    4. Dedication and willingness 
    5. Knowledge about chakras 
    6. Knowledge about octaves 
    7. Basic human anatomy and physiology
  • Do I need instruments for this course?
    We advise our students to buy singing bowls, a Gong, Cymbals, conch, and bells as well. When you have your own sound healing instruments you connect with them energetically and it gets charged with your vibrations so it is important to have to practice and build this connection.
  • What is the structure of this course?
    The course includes 10 lessons, each has a video, text, and infographic. You will get lifelong access to these materials.

What will you learn?

  • Yog Nidra and sound therapy (soundsleep)
    Sound sleep, what is Yoga Nidra, Technique of Yoga Nidra with sound, benefits
  • Pranayama and sound therapy (breathwork with sound meditation)
    Swara Prana yoga chikitsa, 3 Main Swara, benefits, pranayama/breathwork, technique
  • Chakra mantra with singing bowls
    Bija Mantras Are The Sounds Of The Chakras, technique
  • Gong techniques, including Gong bath
    Introduction, types, and sizes of the gong, types of gongs mallet, force and accuracy, gong playing zones, waking up the gong, gong playing techniques, gong bath meditation, OM chanting with gong
  • How to use the conch (seashell sound)
    Introduction, benefits, how to use it as sound healing and therapy, techniques for manifesting and removing unwanted energy.
  • Ting shaw bell healing (cleaning the energy)
    Introduction, health benefits of tingsha bells, how to play, technique
  • How to use Cymbals for sound healing
  • Himalayan sound bath
  • What else?
    Sound healing instruments - personal consultation to find your own healing tools.
    We can advise you on how to choose instruments and will give you a personal consultation. Also, we give a discount to our students.


You will get the certificate after completing all lessons and completing the final assignment to check your knowledge.
To complete the course and get the certification, we will ask you to record and to us send a 3-5 minutes video showing one of the techniques you learned in this course.
Sound healing course, level 3, Himalayan mystic sound therapy
How to join
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Yogi Bhanu
Founder & Teacher
As a teacher, I help my students to rediscover their true self through sound healing practices taken from authentic traditional teachings.

Nowadays Sound Healing Sessions has increased not only in India but all over the world. People are becoming more and more aware of Sound and alternative therapies. Yoga Teachers, Therapists, Musicians, and Artists are drawn to learn more about Signing Bowls, Sound and the undeniable effects specific tones/vibrations have on the mind and body.
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