Solar plexus activation

Solar plexus
Solar Plexus chakra is a key to the personal power, helps to form confidence, personal opinion and believes.
Symptoms of solar plexus imbalance
Sometimes fear comes without any proper reason and it's difficult to deal with it, it's under the control. Because of this feeling, you fail exams and important meetings, can't normally talk with other people or speak in front of audience.
Problems with digestive system
Pain, heaviness, gas and many other disease connected with your digestion.
If you feel a lack of energy, difficult to wake up and start your day, no discipline and loss of clarity in your mind.
Difficulties in making decisions
It can happen with small thing or with important moments of you life
What this tutorial includes?
It's a 10 minutes video, which explains how to do this technique.
Also, you will get text explanations about solar plexus, benefits of this therapy and instruction.
Should I know something about sound therapy before I start this tutorial?
Yes, you need to have basic knowledge about singing bowls, how to strike and how to rim singing bowl.
Can I start using this technique right after I complete this video and text?
Yes, you just need a singing bowl. Better a handmade one.

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Solar plexus activation
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