Sound therapy, level 1

Online course on Himalayan singing bowls therapy

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Based on the understanding of chakras, energies, yogic traditions, observations, and the effects which vibrations and sound have on the mind and body.
Video preview from our course
Each lesson contains a theoretical part, which is nicely explained. You will also find text and infographics below the video.

Practical part: you can try to play singing bowls with the teacher along or do it after watching the video. You will have lifelong access to the course, so you can come back to the materials at any time.
Himalayan academy of sound healing principles
  • Only authentic techniques
    After observing monks, rituals, papers, and how various religions and cultures use sound we did our own research on sound healing.
  • Various methods and techniques
    From years of observations and research, we formed techniques that combine both soothing and stimulating sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls.
  • Individual approach
    We will stay in contact with you during the course, you can contact us anytime, we will answer your questions.
Why this course is for you
  • You want to become a sound therapist
  • You are yoga teacher and would like to add singing bowl technique to your yoga classes
  • You are interested in learning new methods for relaxation, stress relief, insomnia, energy cleansing, and chakra balancing
  • You are already a sound therapist and want to deepen your knowledge of using Himalayan singing bowls in your sessions
Science of sound therapy
The fundamentals of himalayan sound healing, vibrational sound healing.
Himalayan singing bowls
How and where the bowls are made, types of singing bowls, demonstrations, and instructions on using and caring for the Himalayan singing bowl, how to play them.
What is the frequency and how is it related to chakras? 
Based on this you will learn how to diagnose physical and mental issues, how to apply singing bowls to balance your mind, and give treatment to the physical body.
Creating a healing session
The foundations & traditional techniques for giving a session from the Sound Healing Masters, to determine the most effective duration of your sessions. The main rules to work with sound therapy, what techniques are usually used for common diseases.
Сourse highlights
What will you get with our course?

20 lessons

With video and text part each

10 techniques

You will learn 10 techniques which you will be able to use right after the course


for 1 level

You will be able to perform sound healing sessions and teach others

Special price on instruments
All our online students get special price on singing bowls sets
What techniques are included?
Meditation with singing bowls
You will learn 3 types of meditation:
- for mental problems
- physical diseases
- treatment for both, mental and physical
Chakra balancing / alignment / activation
Alignment of chakras one by one or all together.
Hydro sound therapy
Adding water in a singing bowl can clean your thoughts and help to set intentions. Also, we will teach you how to charge and purify water with singing bowls.
Treatment for headache and insomnia
Healing the head region you can treat many problems that relate to the nervous system, overthinking and hypertension, this technique has proven its efficiency for many years.
  • Clean your home from negative energy
    Cleansing practices for your home, yoga shala, or any other space.
    - singing bowls ritual
    (clearing unwanted energy in your home with sound)
    - chrystals
    - salt, incense
What you will gain after completing the sound healing course?
  • A certificate of completion that acknowledges your commitment, skill, and qualification to teach singing bowls therapy – sound healing meditation sessions and workshops.
  • Able to handle and customize various sound healing sessions different to various audiences.
  • Gain knowledge and experience in guiding the group and private sound healing meditation sessions.
  • Get a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and a chance to change the direction of your personal life.
  • Achieve personal well-being, clarity, a positive attitude, and peace of mind.
  • Increase self-confidence, inner creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • An understanding of the fundamental principles of sound healing meditation practices from Eastern and Western Masters.
  • You will be able to lead:
    chakra healing with singing bowls,
    water therapy with bowls,
    headache and insomnia treatment,
    meditation healing practices for mental and physical diseases.
  • You will able to design and conduct 1 or 2 days workshops – seminars based on sound bowls therapy meditations
  • You will be able to perform a one-to-one session or a group sound bath.
You will get certificate after completing all lessons and test with 10 questions to check your knowledge.
Your teacher
  • Yogi Bhanu
    "Sound is an ancient medical practice to awaken the self-consciousness."

    Around 10 years ago my journey started in the ashram, where I was studying yogic science, Indian philosophies, and other scriptures. After completing a 3-year program I went for further studies for masters in yogic therapy. Maybe in that time, my desire to help people through spiritual yogic practices started to form. Later I studied in the Sivananda ashram.

    After coming back to the civilization I started to look for harmony between remaining spiritual and the thinking of the society. This is how my research on sound therapy was created. And I'm happy to share it.

    Today over 1000 students have attended my course on singing bowls therapy and now I'm representing this program online for your convenience. It includes theoretical and practical parts and my support during your study.
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