Heart opening activation

Heart region
Center of the body, middle chakra, responsible for love, compassion and transformation.
Symptoms of heart chakra imbalance
Feeling closed
Can't speak about your emotions, share your feeling, you have fear of intimacy, want to isolate yourself
Problems with respiratory system
Especially lungs, such as lung infection, bronchitis
Taking roles
It might be the role of the savior, rescue, or opposite role of victim
Heart diseases
Blood pressure, any heart related issues
What this tutorial includes?
It's a 10 minutes video, which explains how to do this technique.
Also, you will get text explanations about heart chakra, this technique, benefits of this therapy and instructions.
Should I know something about sound therapy before I start this tutorial?
Yes, you need to have basic knowledge about singing bowls, how to strike and how to rim singing bowl.
Can I start using this technique right after I complete this video and text?
Yes, you just need a singing bowl. Better a handmade one.

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Heart region activation
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