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Significance and importance of music intruments in sound healing

Sound healing is an art where a sound therapist tries to sync the body and mind with sounds to gain the higher experiences of truth. Sound healing is being grown lately throughout the world and people are really the beneficiary effects of it and started related to the sounds which are helping them to be there in a true sense towards wellbeing in spiritual, mental and physical. Sound healing is in art expressed by the individuals or groups to create an experience of inner reflection within the conscious to clearly see who they are and how it helps the induvial to overcome certain traits which they might be holding into various levels of consciousness.

Every culture since the ancient time is been using sound therapy in their own way of relating to the sounds and creating various experiences for the community or individual to heal, to repair, to enjoy or to enter into the deep state of trance. This gives us access to various different sound and instruments used for sound healing journeys and ceremonies.
We will put light on these instruments and their reason behind using them and their significance. If we see the modern understanding of sound is been governed by the digital aspects of instruments modulating sound and creating various different frequencies and pitch to explore the areas of sound and used in healing practices. Several authorities of treating illness in severe cases have been considering the frequency impact on the cells and healing them through that for better and faster results.

If you are a beginner in this therapy and have no prior understanding of sound healing doesn't really affect on learning this therapy because the practice here is very intuitive and reflective on yourself and how the one experience will also create a similar effect on the other. Yes, definitely matters what state of mind you're in currently and that will also affect your style on playing the various instruments but over the time one will improve the knowledge about it.

Instruments used in sound healing

Himalayan instruments

Sound which we create by our own has the strongest significant in healing. Vibrations felt throughout the body because they come from within and has a direct relation then using any other external instruments. Chanting is a form of sound healing where specific Sanskrit words are put together to achieve the meaning of it by constantly repeating the mantra which alters the various state of physical, emotion and spiritual wellbeing. Some yogic practices include breathing and movement with sound raising the mindfulness and awareness on gross subtle and causal bodies. Brahmari and ujjayi pranayama are two major practices which used sound to concentrate and to channelize the self.
Singing bowls

The most commonly used instrument throughout the world in the modern time but originated way long back in the Himalayan region where several monks of Himalayan Tibetan region used it in their ceremonies and daily ritual practice. These instruments create an effect which impacts both of right and left hemispheres of the brain to create harmony so its function at its best. These instruments are not complicated to play and anyone can learn how to play and know their significance of which sounds to use for which effect.

Bells are a sign of auspicious beginning. Any ritual when it takes place, they strike these bells to awaken the conscious and spirits. Many traditions in Hindu always begin with striking the bells and also in daily life they used this sound to waken the third eye. Sound of bells in Hinduism symbolize and remind every devotee that the reality (Prakriti) has three stages of evolution, "Srishti", "sthiti" and "laya" meaning creation, preservation and destruction. Devotees ring them as an invocation to the deity to listen to their prãrthnã and be blessed. The handle of the bells signifies the prana the vital force in the body.

Conch is considered the sound of the universe the creation begins with the sound of the conch. When Vishnu blew into it and made the first sound known as om used especially in prayers and ceremonies, in the beginning, to awaken the self also used in war and other rituals like marriages and childbirth, or any auspicious events. It contains the metaphysical properties. in modern Buddhism, the conch shell represents the voice of Buddha. Adherents believe its sound can awaken a person from ignorance. It is believed that the sound of conch represents the sound of om.

Cymbals create a unique sound which lasts for longer duration creates hauntingly beautiful effect mostly used in chanting mantras and various rituals and ceremonies. To bring the harmony with spirits of nature cymbals are often used in ceremonies related to them. Tantric practices will often use these cymbals to awaken the spirit in rituals. Cymbals are associated with temple rituals and prayers often played in these settings to keep the time with chanting mantras.

Historically chimes and bells have been used to protect against evil spirits or provide noise protection to a specific area of the home. Specific areas of the garden or the entrance of the house. When the wind blows, the melodious tinkling induces relaxation and healing to the surroundings and often keep away the dark spirits. Wind Chimes can transmit beautifully celestial sounds and timbres.

Gong is a powerful therapeutic instrument that is said to resolve physical, emotional and spiritual dissonance. Used as early as 4,000 B.C., the Gong has been used in yoga, meditation and for other practices such as Chakra balancing. In rites, the Gong was used in the evocation of ghosts and at the beginning of demons. It is believed that Touching a Gong brought you fortune and strength. Gong could only succeed with the help of higher powers and, that they were exposed to such forces more so than ordinary humans.

Sound of the drum is connected with spirits who could provide protection. Drum invokes the higher spirits and takes guidance from them by creating various rhythms. When played by tapping with a soft mallet, the drum produces a small resonance. Depending on how hard the drum is struck, the sound can range from loud to low but always with an undercurrent of vibration. These drums are used played both as a musical instrument and to induce a therapeutic effect while chanting. Drums bore an important role in the use of rituals and religious ceremonies, to express themselves and for communication purposes. It is believed that sound of the drum is often associated to the sound of the mother earth. Helps in self-healing and self-expression often sound therapists uses the sound of drums.

Other instruments

Tuning forks

Forks have been used in the medical field to locate bone fractures, and in sonpuncture: Sonpuncture is similar to acupuncture, but it uses sound waves instead of needles to stimulate the meridian points of the body and stimulate the body's innate energy to heal itself. Some believe that tuning forks can help clear the energy field around the body and bring balance through resonance. At specific frequencies, tuning forks are said to promote balance and mental clarity.
Hammered dulcimer

A dulcimer is a folk instrument and used to create a calming effect on the mind. It works on the anxiety of hypertension to reduce it down.
Crystal bowls

This new instrument originated not more than 30 years is been there in the practices well often used in sessions to create a deep sense of relaxation and to cure the effects of insomnia anxiety and even depression. These singing bowls are made of glass and crystals and have a higher rate of frequencies then singing bowls. They are perfect to work with mental and emotional wellbeing. They create a pure sound which makes one drift easily into a deep state of relaxation.

Developed in the year 2000 by two Swiss inventors, the Hang is a harmonic, spherical shaped instrument possessing eight different harmonically tuned notes. Depending on how the Hang is played, it resonates sound in a similar way to the steelpan or singing bowl.

Said to be invented by Pythagoras, the Monochord is an ancient musical instrument whose vibrations are used to calm and re-energize the mind and body.

Well known for its angelic melodies, the Harp has been used all throughout the world, dating back to 3,000 B.C. The soft and sweet melodies from the harp are therapeutic to the mind, body and spirit. Harp's are commonly used in modern sound healing therapies.

Indigenous instruments


Originated in Australia in the aboriginals community to enter in a deep state of trance and to use in various rituals and also to tell the stories from the past they used the sound from a hollow wooden stick blown in circular breathing pattern to go beyond space and time. This indigenous instrument is made out of wood, bamboo and often painted on the top to clear the emotional and energetical stagnation. they also believe this was the first musical instrument of the world.
Pan flute

Commonly made out of wood, ivory and bamboo, Pan Flutes span back more than 6,000 years, and are common to South American countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Pan Flutes are common in folk music and have mellow, calming melodies.

Originated in Africa, also known as mbira and thumb piano. Dated back thousands of years ago and often crafted with the wooden base and metal keys to strike to create a similar effect of soothing sound to relax the body and mind.

The djembe is a drum that originates from West Africa and is made from wood, rope and a goatskin hide. It is commonly used to induce states of altered consciousness (trance) as well as calming the human spirit of stress and anxiety.

Believed to have been invented by the Aztecs, Rainsticks are often made from the bodies of dried cacti with objects such as small pebbles placed inside. As its name indicates, Rainstick produces a sound similar to that of falling rain and are used for inducing states of peace and calm.
Ocean drum

Sound of the ocean is created to give the state of relaxation and floating into the space of nowhere. this regenerates the functions of the brain and body to I provide and have a sense of relaxation. They often made in circular shaped with skin or synthetic on the surface and filled with some seeds.

The use of rattles goes back hundreds of years. Egyptian and African shamans used rattles as part of various rituals, and many shamans in the modern-day continue to do the same. Some ancient rattles were made from gourds that were hollowed out and filled with various materials to make a swishing or rattling sound. Contemporary uses include using the rattle as a musical instrument for entertainment or incorporating it into meditative practice for relaxation. The sound can be calming, and the process of shaking or twirling the rattle is therapeutic.
Sound healing therapy is an art widely practiced throughout the world. The list of instruments is infinite and never ending. we have only mentioned here some basic and common instruments used in the art of playing the sounds from instruments and can be learned by anyone who is willing to seek into scientific aspects and use it for developing the conscious or use it as medicine. I would like to invite everyone to learn and play any sound instrument to keep your self in harmony and tune with natural vibrations present in and around us and able to offer it to mankind to make it a better place and use natural sources of energy to heal.
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