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The power of sound healing

Sound healing

Sound is been ancient medicine practices to awaken the self-conscious. We have seen in several cultures over the several centuries using various forms of sound to heal the body and other areas also to within the conscious where healing effects of transformation of mind, emotions, sensations, awareness, and even the whole spirit of the conscious .

Sound is related to each individual atom of the human physiology and also to the other dimensions and their forms of elements present in the whole cosmos. Projection of sound takes shapes and can be seen or experienced through various alternative senses of the psychic. The whole reality of the conscious is been manufactured through various dimensions related to the sound perceived by sensory organs via the neural integration of the quantum.
Everything in universe is sound.
Science explains us if we break down every matter into quantum physics reality it can be studied better to manifest into combinations of several experiments that can relate and create a similar or desire change in the quantum structure.

What is sound

It is impossible to imagine a world without sound. The first thing we get up and hear is sound. It could be subtle thought in your head, could be an alarm clock, could be birds chirping. It fills our day with excitement and joy and makes it interesting and gives a meaning to it. Even the language what we communicate is sound just given different meanings to various sounds for the understanding and communication. Sound fills our life with people talking, listening to tv show, or music, radio and also the last thing when we gradually fall asleep listening to our heart beat.
Sound is energy, it's a movement or vibration of matter when they move back and forth as the air moves it carries the energy in all directions.
There are two process of sound (a) physical process that produces sound energy to start with and send it shooting through the air and the (b) physiological process that happens inside our ears and brain which converts the energy into sensations of noise, speech, music.
How it works
We know when we are sick or not feeling well, we go to doctor and take the medicine to feel better. Once we take the medicine the illness disappears for a while and may come back later that means that illness is deeply rooted.

But what to do in the case of sound healing, there are no doctors for sound. Who can give us the medicine to treat but there is frequency? Frequency is in all space what we see and what we cannot. Whole creations of the cosmos are happening on the basis of waves or movement in the space where we can find out its frequency ratio.
When the musician plays or singer sings or we listen to the sounds of nature it has a harmonic effect on our body and mind. Sound has direct effect on the molecular structure of the body to repair, rejunivate and refresh.
When sound waves reach our ears, they are converted into electric signals that travel up auditory nerve to the auditory cortex.
Cortex, as a part of the brain, processes the sound and gives a response to body, mind, emotions, sensations, feelings and etc which releases hormones and triggers impulses.
We as human through ears and other sensory organs might not able to identify all the frequencies but sometimes, we feel, different ways with emotions, sensations, energy and other subtle and causal forms of energy.


Now we know if something is disturbed in the body or mind and it's not functioning well from that frequency, we can generate frequency from other music or non-music but sound instruments and repair the structure.

We use music for several outcomes for entertainment, expression, celebration, rituals ceremonies, leisure and communication, it is one language that everyone understands and relate to, though we are inclined or not symmetric brains then those who are not inclined with music.
Healing with sound happens in number of ways. patient listen or sing along, improvise musical act, meditate chant and play musical instruments. practioners subject the patient to specifically crafted sounds to induce positive brainwaves.

There is truly evidence of musicians having a symmetrical brain than those who are not musically inclined.
Neurological studies have been proven that natural sound makes us more productive and creative. It can relieve stress and improves our moods. They target the various densities in the body.
Listening to the harmonic sounds the brain is filled and floods with dopamine .it also releases oxytocin, natural painkiller and hormone.

If music can change our brains and neurons and the psychic definitely the system which is associated with theses can also be reflected on the gross body and can be observed changes in the physical body.

Let us say that you are in bad mood, playing a relaxing music like sounds of the ocean or rain or wood burning fire can help you calm down it can also over when someone is going through headache.

Since sound comes at different frequencies and we too emit our own waves within the body and brain. Healing with sound happens by matching the frequencies to those that are resonating and conducing to healing and relaxation.

Lot of people have the chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, things that are generated throughs stress. sound healing had direct effect on it by changing the structure of these chemical imbalance and tuning them into its natural state.

Sound healing is an effective tool to use on cognitive functioning delicts, stress, pain, headache, premenstrual syndrome.
Healing with sound can also improve or cure many ailments:
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Communication ability
  • Learning disabilities
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
Behaverial therapy can also be studied to do the required changes in the human t o make it a better being.

Several instruments are used to conduct a healing factor for the body and mind. Muscles that are spasming completely relax using this vibration. Headache and cold through tuning forks.
Well we have only recently found out through science that how and which sounds can be used in healing various disorder or illness. There is yet lot to go in depth of this practice to find out more how it can be created BENEFIT TO THE HUMAN KIND IN THE HEALTHCARE DEPARTMET. The idea of sound affects the health of the mind and body is not new now because we have lack of faith and belief on it. But if we see the first ancient form of medicine was sound. It is also the first subtle element of the space. Every culture had their own form of sounds to heal to repair to enter into trance to remove evil spirits, sickness, disease, psyche illness and others. Which you can read in to our upcoming blog.

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